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Grants and Funding

Funding Agency: NIH/NICHD
Title: Signaling mechanisms that mediate anoxia-induced cellular arrest
Role (R. Brewster): Principle Investigator
Funding Institute: NIH/NICHD  
Goal: To study the function of N-myc Downstream Regulated 1 (NDRG1) in inducing hypometabolism in the zebrafish embryo. Aim 1 investigates the role of lactate in post-translational regulation of NDRG1. Aim 2 tests whether NDRG1 is important for cell cycle arrest in dome stage embryos. Aim 3. Tests whether NDRG1 is important for physiological arrest in kidney and ionocytes.
Funding Agency: NIH/NIGMS
Role (R. Brewster): co-Principle Investigator

Goal: Expand the participation by minorities in biomedical sciences

R43GM131486 01
Funding Agency: NIH/NIGMS
Title: SeeTrue: The Microinjection Colored Needle for Enhanced Visibility and Anti-Clogging Capabilities
Role (R. Brewster): co-Principle Investigator

Goal: The objective of this proposal is to generate and test a colored-tip, microcapillary needle prototype with anti-clogging properties and colored tip for enhanced visibility, as a minimal viable product (MVP) to bridged an important need in the biomedical industry.

Funding Agency: NSF
Title: Three-Dimensionally Printed Fused Silica Glass Microcapillary Needles
Role (R. Brewster): co-Principle Investigator

Goal: This phase I application proposal to develop novel glass microneedles using Direct Laser Writing has two aims: to fabricate a pre-calibrated glass minimal viable product (MVP) with anti-clogging capabilities (aim 1) and to test the pre-calibrated anti- clogging MPV using zebrafish embryos (aim 2).